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For Patient Investors, Another Window to Buy

by James B. Stewart
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
provided by SmartMoney

The correction that made such a brief appearance two weeks ago has returned, this time apparently to stay. For me and anyone following the Common Sense system, that means opportunity.

Last week, the Nasdaq dropped convincingly below the Common Sense buying threshold, which is a 10% decline from the most recent high reached on April 23. The S&P 500 also dropped more than 10% from its peak, putting both major averages into an official correction, the first since the bull market began its rise on March 10, 2009. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped below the 10% correction threshold Thursday, returned above the line Friday and fell back below it again Monday. The Common Sense approach calls for buying on corrections of 10%, and selling after rallies of 25%.

Just two weeks ago I fretted that a buying opportunity had come and gone so fast I was unable to take advantage of it. The $1 trillion rescue plan unveiled by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund had triggered a huge rally, and it looked like the bull market was back. I needn't have worried. European sovereign worries have returned with a vengeance. Not only did the market's plunge renew a buying opportunity, but indexes fell so rapidly last week that the Nasdaq Composite was well below the 10% threshold on Thursday, when I made some purchases.

This is yet another reminder to remain focused on the long term and not get caught up in the minute-by-minute or even daily gyrations of the stock market. I've said for months that eventually there would be a correction, and not just one lasting a few minutes.

Having gone through three successive selling opportunities during the past year, I had ample cash at my disposal. (I generally sell roughly 10% of my portfolio at each selling opportunity and spend about 20% of my cash at each buying window.) In deciding what to buy, I simply followed the advice I've offered in recent columns. One strategy was to add exposure to commercial real estate, a sector I'd shunned as overvalued but recently concluded showed promise. I'll give a more detailed report on my real estate strategy in a future column, but one component was simply to buy a diversified exchange-traded fund, the Vanguard REIT Index Fund (NYSEArca: VNQ - News).

For stocks, I focused on some of my own recent recommendations in the technology sector. Despite generally solid earnings, the tech sector has corrected more severely than the broad market. I bought long-term Apple (NYSE: AAPL - News) calls at only a modest premium to the current price (I already have a position in Apple shares), as well as the PowerShares QQQ (NasdaqGM: QQQQ - News) exchange-traded fund, which approximates the performance of the Nasdaq. I've been impressed recently with strong earnings from big technology concerns like Intel (NasdaqGS: INTC - News), Cisco Systems (NasdaqGS: CSCO - News), and Oracle (NasdaqGS: ORCL - News), which account for three of the fund's top 10 holdings. (Apple is its largest position.)

I also raised cash by selling some Google (NasdaqGS: GOOG - News) puts. This is the first time I've sold puts in over a year. (Selling puts means you agree to buy shares at the strike price if they're trading below that price when they expire.) It's a strategy I recommend when option prices are high (such as when the VIX has jumped, as it did last week) and when I expect shares to rally. If you really hope to own the shares, I find you're better off buying them outright or buying calls. I wouldn't mind owning Google at the strike price, but since I already have a substantial position, I'm also happy to simply keep the cash should the puts expire above the strike price.

I did all these transactions last Thursday afternoon, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average was heading toward a 376-point one-day loss. With the previous brief correction fresh in my mind, I moved quickly in case the window proved fleeting. I needn't have; stocks were still in correction territory this week.

My reaction illustrates the persistence of psychological factors, even after years of investing. Why was I so concerned this correction would be brief? After waiting more than a year for a buying opportunity, the rising market has conditioned me to expect more of the same: a brief correction followed by the return of the bull. I was eager to put money to work and get it out of low-yielding money-market funds. And yet I realized my eagerness should have been tempered by the likelihood that this may not be the last correction. If history is any guide, the fact that there hasn't been a correction for so long increases the chances that there will be another 10% decline.

So I still have cash in reserve. As usual, I'm making no short-term predictions about the direction of the market. My goal is simply to be prepared when opportunities present themselves, as they did last week.

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Any comment?
Berdasarkan my posting yg lepas (http://kakilabur.blogspot.com/2010/05/klci-bskl-time-for-correction-652010.html), KLCI skrg ni berada di tengah2 garisan correction (2) atau (3)....kalau peringkat MODERATE correction (2), maximum about -100 points....

dan skrg ni memang KLCI dah jatuh -100 smlm....so, kalau "niat" klci hanya utk moderate correction, maka from today onwards, KLCI akan sambung naik menuju ke 1,400++....

tapi kalau "KLCI nak sambung correction", sampai MAJOR correction (4), maka expect further downside till 1,050-1,100....

Mana satu agaknya KLCI pilih, (2) atau (3)?

Sapa yakin (2) boleh accumulate skrg...sapa yakin (3) leh tunggu lagi....cuma kalau dia tak pergi ke (3), terlepas ler peluang utk beli pada harga rendah....

So, sapa ada cash boleh la masuk sebahagian kalau separuh yakin...kalau yakin 100% masuk 100%...kalau tak yaking langsung, jgn masuk langsung, hehe :)

Kalau u all tanya saya, saya akan masuk 65%....tinggalkan 35%..

Yang pastinyer,nak ramal market memang payah...yang pasti ramai org pilih (3), and market tend to make your prediction wrong....so, my prediction is, market akan pilih (2) for now....di mana KLCI akan naik sampai dia naik balik sampai 1,300-1,315 at least (technical rebound), baru dia akan jatuh balik dan pilih (3)....:D

So, kaalau my prediction is right, it is time to buy for short term now and run bila dapat profit... :D hehe...


Any comment?
Semalam kita tengok market asia termasuk malaysia kaw3 punya pressure selling...diikuti oleh europe...then mlm smlm US pulak buat hal sampai hampir -4% drop... So ke manakah hala tuju KLCI/BSKL kita ptg ni...smlm dah jatuh sampai -20 mata...pagi td pon jatuh -20 jugak...

Utk long term susah nak predict...sbb issue matawang eropah jatuh kaw4 sampai eur/USD jadi about 1.21...

sO ptg ni dan esok hala tuju KLCI /BSKL ke mana? This is my comment:

- eUR/USD dah mula naik balik dari paras 1.21 ke paras 1.26...dah mula recover...gua rasa menuju ke 1.28 soon ni...good thing..
- uS Dow Jones dah positive about 0.50%...good..
- market asia dah mula recover, less negative...Shanghai pulak dah hijau..good...
- Europe mungkin akan hijau ptg ni, sbb matawang EUR dah reocver...smlm pon dah byk giler turun...
- Mlm kang US pon is set to opnen positive...sbb smlm US pon dah jtuh gila2nyer...time to accumulate....

Atas sbb2 di atas...KLCI ptg ni akan mula recover, gua rasa akan jadi -10 aja...counter2 murah pon akan naik...sapa ada cash bole buy now...time to make money man!!

antara counter yg boleh diperhatikan adalah:
1) MEGB: fundamental kuat...buyer masih ramai..
2) Maxbiz: ada minat belian dari org dlm / sindiket...


any komen?

Susunan emas di satu syarikat (Argor Heraeus) di Switzerland

Salam sejahtera semua,
Baru-baru ni ada reader minta tolong gua komenkan sikit ttg emas....

Kalau kita tgk, harga emas international, skrg dah hit record high about $1250 per ounce sblm profit taking, dan now around $1236 per ounce...

Ada analyst yg kata gold price akan pergi ke $2500 iaitu harga selepas ambik kira inflation...Harga tu kalau kita tgk adalah double dari harga skrg...

Ada juga analyst kata harga sepatutnya berada pada takuk $8,000, malah ada yang terlalu obsess dgn gold sampai percaya ia boleh cecah $12,500...wow.....10x ganda dari skrg? Kalau kita tgk harga dlm RM per gram pulak, skrg dlm lingkungan RM125 per gram...adakah ia bermakna harga emas akan cecah RM1,250 per gram jikalau betul ia pergi ke takuk $12,500 per ounce?

Ok, mari kita tgk balik history lepas2...dlm bulan lepas, harga emas adalah about $1,100 per ounce dan masa tu, di Malaysia harganya juga about RM120++ per gram...skrg sudah cecah $1,250 per ounce, juga masih di takuk RM125 per gram...apakah maksudnya ni?

Ini bermakna walaupon harga emas telah melonjak naik, tetapi disbbkan USD Vs. RM, telah menurun kepada about Rm3.20 sahaja, maka nilai emas di Malaysia sebenarnyer tak byk bergerak....atau nak pendek kata, value emas dunia sebenarnyer tak bergerak pon, tetapi kenaikan sehingga $1,250 per ounce tersebut adalah untuk compensate balik penurunan nilai mata wang USD...

Ok, itu komen saya yang pertama...

Komen saya yang kedua pula adalah berdasarkan harga emas itu sendiri...saya berpendapat, jikalau nak beli emas for long term, skrg adalah tidak sesuai...kerana, harga emas mungkin skrg sudah TOP di $1250, berdasarkan kepada "trend skrg"...kalau dia naik pon, hanya sampai ke paras $1,320 per ounce aja....selepas itu, emas akan mula menurun balik...jika anda nak invest medium term mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan balik....short term, better DON'T...

Ada satu analysis ni pula mengatakan harga emas patutnyer di takuk USD450 per ounce aja, iaitu about 1/3 dari harga sekrg, di mana harga tersebut adalah harga kos pengeluaran....

Kepada yang teramat ingin utk invest dlm gold...this is what I am gonna advise...if you really want to invest:

1) berapa banyak anda nak peruntukkan utk invest gold? katakanlah RM100k...
2) tunggu sampai harga gold turun ke paras di bawah $1,200 per ounce, baru start masuk, tapi masuk 1/3 sahaja, iaitu Rm33k...bakinya tinggal dulu....jika harga turun lagi ke paras bawah USD1000 per ounce, masuk lagi anoher Rm33k....jikalau ia turun di bawah USD800 per ounce, masuk lagi the remaining RM33k...
3) kalau selepas anda masuk 1/3 pada mulanya tadi pada $1200, harga sambung naik, jgn terburu2 utk tambah pelaburan, tetapi tunggu dan lihat aja...until it reach about $1300, boleh la jual pegangan tadi, dan senyum, sbb sudah untung, walaupon hanya 1/3 aja....

Ok itu aja my opinion...hehe...

Any komen?
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Salam sejahtera semua,

Lately walaupon KLCI / BSKL masih bertahan di atas takuk 1300, tetapi byk saham2 murah dah alami pressure selling, dan menurun ke paras harga support...belom lagi KLCI jatuh ke paras 1250 atau 1200, or even 1100!!! Semua bergantung kpd market US dan juga EUROPE (especially GREECE!!), punca kepada segalanya....

Mlm smlm, kita dah saksikan Dow Jones jatuh sebyk -1,000 points (-10%) sblm recover kepada about -350 (-3.2%)....walaupon ada ura-ura kata itu semua kesilapan teknikal yg menybbkan dia jatuh -1000 points...tapi, itu tanda2 wujudnya seller yg ramai....tetapi mungkinkah itu semua hanya "dummy" semata-mata utk kasi scared investor jual, sblm mereka goreng kaw2 sampai ke paras 11,500-12,000?

Apa pun, mlm ni adalah penentu guys....mlm ini.....mlm ini US anounce NFP (Non Farm Payroll...penentu kepada samada:

1) profit taking kaw2 akan bersambung, or
2) bull still in control...

So, sapa berani dan yakin dgn harga jualan murah BSKL / KLCI ni bukan "TIRUAN SEMATA2", bley angkat n simpan....

Sapa tak yakin, boleh tunggu sampai 2 minggu hingga sebulan lagi baru shopping, hehe...


ANy comment guys?
Market serantau termasuk market KLCI sedang tidak menentu,kejap turun, kejap naik...

US pulak tak abis2 keluar berita yg sama, balik2 isu Greece dgn Euronya....tak lain tak bukan nak kasi pelabur gerun dan panick selling...

Persoalannya, adakah skrg masa utk correction telah sampai? Wallahu'alam...sukar nak predict...

Anyway, correction ni ada 4 jenis dari segi size:

1) minor - setakat 0 to 30 points down aja..biasanya dlm 2 hari hgga 4 hari cmtu jer

2) moderate - dlm 50 to 100 points .. mcm yg berlaku bulan jan-mac 2010 aritu, drop dr 1309 to 1224..tempoh dlm sebulan hgga 2 buln cmtu..

3) MAJOR correction, 150 to 300 points...so market leh jatuh dr 1345 till even 1000 poimts...wow...

4) RECESSION: super duper big correction..mcm yg brlaku thn 2008, drop dr 1500++ kpd 800....org2 mcm buffet tunggu saat2 ni la utk depa start invest...gua start masuk balik awal 2009 tp gua tak sekaya buffet la, tapi hanya bilis kerdil...haha

gua tak rasa (4) akan berlaku dlm masa 5 thn ni, sbb ia brlaku dlm 8-10 thn skali.......gua juga tak risau kalau (1) berlaku...sbb tmpohnya kjap je...gua juga tak rasa (2) akan berlaku dlm masa tdekat ni...sbb ia baru aja berlaku sebulan lpas...cuma, gua takut...kalau...berlakunya (3)...di mana market jatuh ke paras 1000 mata.....biasa akan ambil 4-6 bulan utk recover....cuma gua rasa it is not time yet, for that kind of correction...


ANy comment? Just drop it down here :)
Mlm smlm kita tgk market US i.e DJIA menjunam -2%...atas sbb tu byk negara yg ikut kena cucuk hidung....

KLCI aja kita tgk byk counter yg dah turun terlalu byk sampai terlalu oversold...kalau shopping memang sedap...sapa yg nak shopping boleh shopping sikit, asalkan tak "ALL OUT"...

Antara counter yg boleh kita ushar utk beli:


2) AWC

3) mkland...

4) scomi

5) 3A

6) Dufu

7) perisai


Just drop your comments down here ok guys...:)
Ada sesiapa boleh listkan tak company di Malaysia yang memperoleh untung melebihi RM1 Billion setahun? Saya rasa boleh dikira dgn jari. Even company besar2 yang capitalnya besar pon belom tentu leh dpt "untung" RM1 billion...Kalau revenue RM1bil mungkin possible, tapi selepas tolak cost dan sebagainya, for sure berkurang, dan yang tinggal hanya Rm100 juta ke, atau Rm40 juta aja macam tu...

Maksudnya amat sukar mau cari syarikat di Malaysia yang mampu catat keuntungan melepasi Rm1billion...tetapi, ianya tidak mustahil bagi Bank Rakyat....baru-baru ni Bank Rakyat berjaya catat keuntungan lebih kurang RM1.4 billion utk thn lepas....malah skrg ni Bank Rakyat sasarkan untung RM2 billion pulak, wowww....senyum sakan ler pemegang-pemegang saham Bank Rakyat , ehehe :)

Mari kita baca artikel dari Utusan di bawah:

Bank Rakyat hampiri untung

KUALA LUMPUR 2 Mei - Bank Kerjasama Rakyat
Malaysia Bhd. (Bank Rakyat) kini semakin hampir memperoleh keuntungan sebanyak
RM2 bilion, meskipun angka itu disasarkan menjelang 2012.

Urusannya, Datuk Kamaruzaman Che Mat berkata, tidak mustahil sasaran itu mampu
dicapai memandangkan bank tersebut berjaya memperoleh keuntungan sebanyak RM1
bilion awal dua tahun daripada unjuran awal.

Bagaimanapun, menurut
beliau, pihak pengurusan dan kakitangan Bank Rakyat tidak berada dalam tekanan
untuk mencapai keuntungan tersebut kerana unjuran awal adalah pada tahun 2012.

Beliau berkata, Bank Rakyat sebenarnya berjaya mengekalkan keuntungan
meskipun dalam krisis ekonomi sejak ia dipulihkan pada 1982.

katanya, pertumbuhan perniagaan dan aset yang dicapai setiap tahun tidak pernah
terfikir oleh pihak pengurusan suatu ketika dulu.

''Ini kerana, untuk
sesebuah syarikat membuat untung RM1 bilion di Malaysia tidak banyak, syarikat
tersenarai awam yang boleh meraih keuntungan RM1 bilion pun tidak banyak apatah
lagi kalau ia hanya menjalankan satu jenis perniagaan seperti Bank Rakyat.

''Syarikat yang boleh membuat keuntungan macam ini hanyalah syarikat
konglomerat dan syarikat yang turut beroperasi di luar negara.

saya, pencapaian Bank Rakyat adalah gemilang dan saya berbangga dengan prestasi
Bank Rakyat pada hari ini,'' katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini.

Bank milik koperasi itu menyasarkan untuk meningkatkan keuntungan
sebelum cukai dan zakat sebanyak RM1.7 juta pada tahun ini.

percaya bank itu berada pada landasan sebenar memandangkan berjaya memperoleh
keuntungan sebelum cukai dan zakat sebanyak RM407 juta dalam tiga bulan pertama
tahun ini, kenaikan 23 peratus lebih tinggi berbanding tempoh yang sama tahun

Beliau berkata, segmen peruncitan masih memberi sumbangan besar
kepada pendapatan Bank Rakyat berbanding korporat yang masih di bawah 20

Biarpun begitu, Bank Rakyat mahu memastikan perkhidmatan yang
ditawarkan setanding dengan bank komersial lain.

Tambahnya, bank itu
kini sedang menunggu kelulusan Bank Negara Malaysia untuk mendapatkan kemudahan
pertukaran wang asing dan melaksanakan akaun semasa.

''Dengan dua produk
ini, Bank Rakyat boleh beroperasi dengan produk yang lengkap, seiring dengan
permintaan pelanggan,'' jelas beliau.

Tambahnya, Bank Rakyat akan terus
memasarkan pinjaman peribadi kerana ia masih memiliki pasaran besar di kalangan
kakitangan awam.

Beliau menambah, Bank Rakyat tidak terasa terjejas
dengan peningkatan minat institusi perbankan lain untuk menawarkan produk yang
sama kerana yakin dengan kekuatan produk serta kemahirannya mengendalikan produk
itu sejak lebih 20 tahun.

''Kita telah menjalankan perniagaan pinjaman
peribadi pada 1980an semasa bank lain tidak berminat untuk melakukannya.

''Pada masa itu, walaupun tiada persaingan, volume yang Bank Rakyat
dapat tidak begitu banyak seperti sekarang.

''Persaingan memang sentiasa
ada walaupun institusi lain turut mendapat kemudahan potongan gaji seperti yang
kami tawarkan tetapi, prestasi Bank Rakyat dalam pinjaman peribadi terus
meningkat setiap tahun,'' ujar beliau.

Kamaruzaman mendakwa Bank Rakyat
kini menguasai 50 peratus daripada pembiayaan produk itu.

mengenai cadangan penambahan modal berbayar kepada RM2.5 bilion, Kamaruzaman
berkata, ia masih dalam proses dan menaruh harapan agar dapat diselesaikan
sebelum penghujung tahun ini.

Beliau turut memberitahu bahawa Bank
Rakyat akan membuat kunjungan ke Brunei pada bulan ini untuk membincangkan
mengenai cadangan peluasan operasi ke negara tersebut.

''Masih awal lagi
kerana banyak perkara perlu diteliti dan sekiranya ada peluang terbaik, kita
mungkin boleh meneruskannya,'' katanya.

Beliau bagaimanapun berkata,
berdasarkan populasi dan keperluan, Bank Rakyat berkemungkinan mencadangkan
untuk mengadakan perniagaan Ar-Rahnu.

Selain meletakkan kedudukan Bank
Rakyat sebaris dengan bank-bank komersial, Kamaruzaman berkata, beliau menaruh
harapan untuk meningkatkan perkhidmatan sumber manusia bank itu ke tahap terbaik
dan mencapai sifar aduan negatif.

Tegas beliau, ia penting untuk
memastikan setiap pelanggan yang datang ke Bank Rakyat mengalami pengalaman
terbaik meskipun permohonan mereka gagal.

''Kita mahu mengekalkan
pelanggan sedia ada dan pada masa sama menambah lagi jumlah pelanggan Bank
Rakyat demi kejayaan pada masa depan.

''Kita telah membuat pelaburan
dalam membina jenama untuk mengubah persepsi masyarakat dan saya tahu untuk
mengekalkannya (jenama) bukan kerja mudah,'' tambahnya.

Takkan baca aja kawan-kawan, komen le sikit kat bawah ni , hehe:)
Baru-baru ni kita tgk MYEG naik byk...dari about 0.42 about 1 week ago, sampai la harini naik kepada 0.51....lowest since 1 year ago adalah 0.40, highest 0.56...kalau 0.56 broken, dia boleh pergi 0.60-0.65....so, ada yg tanya bagus ke ini counter MYEG?

Di bawah ada beberapa perkara yang kita boleh tgk:

Business Expansion

MyEG has committed itself to utulise 2 - 6% of revenue p.a. for R&D in order to roll out at least 2 services per year. MyEG’s strategy is to engage more and more Government agencies, providing a basic service as a start before expanding its suite of services. Effectively, MyEG practices a “foot in the door” strategy to let
the various Government agencies gain experience and confidence with its services before adding to the services later.

• From July 2010, MyEG will market its new immigration service, i.e. online renewal service for maids
and foreign workers. Average revenue of RM50 is expected on per transaction but may have
complementary additional income stream like insurance policy for foreign workers. In the future
MyEG may provide online applications for new maids and foreign workers.

• In 4Q10, MyEG will be embarking on a pilot project for Customs Department. It involves recording
service tax as incurred in establishment like nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, etc, in Klang Valley.

1. MyEG’s online tax monitoring system will capture sales transactions as it happens at Point of
Sales, and transmit information online to a Central Database.
2. A Special Purpose Vehicle, where it will hold 40% stake, will be set up to undertake this project.
MyEG will be paid according to how efficient this system is in increasing tax collection.
3. The infrastructure can be adapted for use when the goods and services tax (GST) is
4. Capex of RM40m (via borrowings, mostly) to be expended over the next 2 years for this project.

Investment Merits

• Leading E-Government Services provider with established track record. The road tax renewal
service now attracts about 3,000 renewals per day, and the number of motor insurance premiums sold
daily has increased to 150-200.
• New Income Catalysts. The Customs Service Tax Monitoring Service will be the most significant of
the new services. The infrastructure is also compatible with a goods and services tax (GST) system.
With the implementation of the GST system, MyEG's scope of services should expand even further, as
most businesses will be captured under the GST system.
• Growing awareness and acceptance of E- Government services. Close to 20% of Malaysian users
undertook E-Government transaction in 2008. The low penetration amongst Internet users provides
large potential growth space for MyEG.
• Prospective double-digit growth with dividend payout policy of minimum 30%. MyEG has
achieved 5-year CAGR from FY04 to FY09, of 42.9% in revenue, 51.5% in EBITDA and 52.4% in
PATMI. From FY07 to FY09, the dividend payout ratios stood at 24.6%, 36.9% and 63.6% respectively.
• A one-stop E-Government Transaction Hub. As MyEG engages more and more Government
agencies, they will become the preferred channel for online government transaction.


• High spending on A&P may not translate into higher revenue for the company. While current
statistics indicate a correlation between ad-spend and revenue growth, the relationship may not hold in
the future as more consumers are converted to using online services. Because many of its services are
at an early stage or at its infancy, we believe the saturation point would not be reached as yet in the
near future.
• Emergence of a competitor may disrupt business dynamics. MyEG currently has only one
competitor i.e. in the area of the Highway Code Test whereas in the other services, it has a monopoly
in the online services. Hence, another party may emerge to provide the service. However, MyEG has
the first starter advantage and also by then be the preferred provider, unless they “goofed up”.
• Concessions may not be extended on expiration. MyEG expressed confidence that they would not
face any problem with the extension of the concession due to 1. They own the infrastructure and hence
any new provider would need to invest in infrastructure 2. They would have the track record and 3.
Public acceptance of their services would be high by then.

Estimated EPS of 3.3sen for FY10

Based on its first half performance of RM9.2m net profit or 1.5sen EPS, it is estimated that that MyEG’s whole year performance would amount to RM19.8m or 3.3sen EPS. This would translate to the stock trading at a PER of 14.4x. Based on a PER approach, we believe the stock value should vary between a PER of 12x and a PER of 15x giving a range of values between 39.6sen and 49.5sen.


Any comments? Just drop it down here
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The summary for the world economy for Monday 3/5/2010:

• Wall St closed 1.4% lower, on reports of Goldman Sachs facing
criminal probe, and Greece debt crisis. US 1Q’2010 GDP up 3.2% yoy,
for the third quarter in a row. Regional manufacturing reading,
Chicago PMI, rose strongly to 63.8 in April Friday. Japan is on national
holidays; reopen on Thursday. Dollar down. Commodities up.
• Dow of 11,008 has topped out at 11,258 on the negative divergences
of the Stochastic, and RSI of 61. A correction to the 10,844 low of
8/4/2010 is most likely. The next low of 11/3/2010 at 10,507,
is about 50% retracement.
• Dollar Index is lower at 81.8. Upside is at 83.5.
• Dollar yen is up to 94.0 yen.
• Euro/dollar is higher at 1.331. Support is at 1.315.
• Crude oil is higher at USD86. Upside is at 90.
• Gold is up at USD1,180. Upside is at 1,184.
• Shanghai closed higher at 2870
• Singapore STI closed higher 2974.
• Ringgit is firmer at 3.184. Upside is at 3.15.
• S’pore ringgit is steady at 2.33. A small pullback is likely.
• Malaysian market closed higher at 1346. Upside is likely to be
capped at the price gap of 1354 of early March 2008. A downside
breach of the MA of 1336 will be negative, for a downside of
1306. RSI is at 63. Stochastic is weakening. Today’s range is
between 1338 and 1348.
• CPO May futures is higher at RM2574. Upside of 2631 remains.
• Trading ideas on :
GENM ( 4715 : 2.88 ) : 3.22 Target
KINSTEL ( 5060 : 1.00) : Buy


Any comment? Just drop it down here ok guys :)
Sejak lebih kurang seminggu lepas, gua tak berapa aktif membeli dan menjual....ini kerana gua tgk market tak menentu, di mana Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) di US bullish, tapi KLCI tak menentu....malah counter2 murah byk yg oversold, harga sudah amat murah....ini menandakan market tak menentu....tak lama lagi, DJIA akan alami profit taking yang berat....masa tu, mungkin makin teruk BSKL akan menjunam...

Jadi atas dasar tu, adalah better utk tidak buat belian....kounter yang sudah dibeli, gua masih pegang, just in case kalau BULL STILL IN CONTROL...sbb nobody can predict exactly what is gonna happen to the market...kalau berkesempatan mungkin jual beberapa counter dan kumpul cash....

Dlm keadaan begini, adalah bagus, utk investor yang invest 50% dan cash 50% di tangan get ready...kalau market naik senyum, market turun pun senyum, sbb boleh buy at LOW price..

Kepada Unit Trust Investor, skrg adalah masa yang terbaik utk "SWITCH" kepada bond separuh dari Equity anda :) ...


Takkan baca aja kawan-kawan, komen le sikit kat bawah ni , hehe:)