Siapa sini pandai eja English...?

Siapa pernah masuk Spelling Bee , masa sekolah dulu?

Kalau siapa rasa dia pandai English dan suka baca kamus / dictionary, atau selalu main game apa tu, yang susun2 huruf kat atas board, tak ingat apa namanya...

Bole ler try nasib...bole dapat duit, rasa maca senang jer...

Nak tau camna?

Peraduan ni pun ada dlm radio fly.fm (iklan percuma utk fly.fm ni, hehe) ...

Untuk lebih lanjut bukak website ni:



Do you want to be Malaysia's spelling champion ?

Register yourself at www.flyfm.com.my and wait for our call.
When you get call, be prepared to challenge our 2011 RHB NST Spell it Right champion.
There would be 3 set of questions during each contest segment.

To win, participant need to spell 2 words correctly out of 3 words being asked..
The participant who call out their name first is entitle to answer.
Winner would walk away with RM 100 cash if he/ she wins, else the money will be snowballed to the next contest segment.

So what are you waiting for, register now to be beat the RHB NST Spell it Right 2011 winner.

This is brought to you by RHB and NST.
Participate in the RHB New Straits Times National Spell-It-Right Challenge 2012 Get your entry forms in the New Straits Times today.
For more details, visit www.nst.com.my/SIR or www.rhb.com.my.

Takkan baca aja kawan-kawan, komen ler sikit ok? :)
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