Ekonomi Malaysia berkembang 4.5%, above expectation...ini merangsang ekonomi Malaysia...atas dasar tu antara sebab kenapa KLCI kita naik hari ini, berbanding bursa-bursa serantau lain di Asia yang menurun....

Esok mungkin KLCI akan sambung naik...KLCI pon ditutup atas 1270...good to go...

Malaysia GDP grew 4.5% in 4Q

Written by Chan Kok Leong
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 15:58

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia emerged from
the recession with the Prime Minister announcing the country's economy grew at
4.5% in the fourth quarter of 2009, underpinned by the services, manufacturing
and agriculture sector.

He told a media briefing on Wednesday, Feb 24
that for the full year, the economy, measured by the gross domestic product
(GDP), contracted 1.7%. The GDP shrank 1.2% in the third quarter.

implementation of the fiscal stimulus measures had gained further momentum
during the quarter, providing an additional impetus to growth.

Malaysia's export performance benefited from improvements in external
demand, particularly from the regional economies, and from stronger commodity
prices. On the supply side, all economic sectors recorded positive growth, with
the exception of the mining sector.

According to a Bank Negara Malaysia
statement, the OPR was left unchanged at 2.00% in the fourth quarter. Interbank
rates for all maturities were relatively stable during the quarter.

terms of lending rates, the average base lending rate (BLR) remained unchanged
from the previous quarter, while the average lending rate (ALR) continued
decreasing to a historic low of 4.83% in December 2009.

On the supply
side, all economic sectors registered improved performance during the quarter.

In the services sector, growth was higher at 5.1% (3Q 09: 3.4%), driven
primarily by strong performance in the finance and insurance, wholesale and
retail trade, and real estate and business services sub-sectors.

manufacturing sector recovered to record a positive growth of 5.3% during the
quarter (3Q 09: -8.6%), reflecting improvements in both external and domestic

The CONSTRUCTION [] sector expanded further by 9.2% (3Q 09:
7.9%), supported mainly by the continued progress in the implementation of
projects under the stimulus packages.

Growth in the agriculture sector
was driven mainly by higher production of industrial crops, while the mining
sector contracted at a slower pace due to lower production of crude

Komen ye kawan2, sikit pon takpe, hehe
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