Smlm Najib dgn yakinnya berkata bahawa ekonomi kita akan bullish thn ni...semuanyer berdasarkan GDP dan juga faktor- faktor lain....ungkapan "YES" terhadapa soalan whether the worst was over, mungkin memberi impak yang besar kepada Malaysia, seterusnyer BSKL / KLCI kita..

Beliau juga berkata "The country has recovered from the economic crisis"....ayat2 tersebut bagi saya membawa makna yang besar, di mana pada masa yang sama kerajaan mungkin akan support ekonomi dan bursa saham kita...

Cuba baca artikel menarik di bawah ni:

PM: Economy poised to experience strong growth (source: the

PUTRAJAYA: The worst is over for the Malaysian economy and it
is poised to experience strong growth this year, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

The Prime Minister, who announced that the gross domestic product
(GDP) for the fourth quarter of last year grew by 4.5%, said the country had
recovered from the economic crisis.

He said 2010 would be a year to be
bullish about as the GDP growth was an indication of better times.

“Barring unforeseen circumstances, we can safely say we have recovered
from the crisis and should look forward to strong growth for 2010,” he added.

Good news: Najib getting ready to speak to reporters after
announcing the country’s economic performance in Putrajaya Wednesday.
whether the worst was over, Najib replied: “Yes.”

Najib, who is also
Finance Minister, was speaking to reporters after announcing Malaysia’s economic
performance in the last quarter of last year.

The growth was attributed
to the strengthening domestic and external demand.

For the whole of last
year, however, the economy contracted by 1.7%, but this was lower than the
projected 3% contraction.

The first three quarters of last year saw the
economy contracting by 6.2% in the first quarter, 3.9% in second quarter and
1.2% in third quarter.

Najib expressed confidence that this year’s GDP
could reach 5%, higher than the 4% projected.

“We will work towards
generating confidence, speedy implementation of projects and encouraging the
private sector to invest.

“This and with higher consumer confidence, we
should make this a good year in terms of our economic performance,” he said.

He pointed out that one of the main reasons why the Govern­ment was
able to spend RM1bil a month on projects last year was because of a special
monitoring unit that made sure all programmes planned under the two stimulus
packages were implemented speedily.

“This is one of the reasons why we
managed to achieve more than expected in terms of our economic recovery,” he

To date, over 113,000 projects under the two stimulus packages
have been or are being implemented, involving a total value of RM17bil. Of that,
the Govern­ment has made payments totalling RM13.9bil.

ANy coment guys?
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    boleh komen sikit pasal pasaran emas sekarang.agak2 bila emas nak naik lagi?sekarang mcm float kat situ je