My watchlist for this morning:

Supermx: Buy if 7.40 is broken, medium term 7.80, medium term 8.40...long term 10.70
Scomi: buy if 0.52 is broken, Short term TP 0.545,medium term 0.60, long term 0.78
Kpj-wa: buy if 1.43 is broken, short term 1.47, medium term 1.54
Dufu: BUy if 0.645 is broken, medium term target 0.675
Eng: buy if 2.85 is broken, short term target 2.98, medium term 3.46
Pelikan: buy if 1.38 is broken, medium term target 1.47

These are some of my watchlist counters, and my own pooint of view....not a recommendation to buy or sell, unless at your own risk....:)


Any comment?
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