I found the article below interesting...kalau apa yg dia cakap menjadi (which I have been waiting and expecting for so long)..US akan merudum tak lama lagi...dan the world will follow...

Tapi persoalannya skrg, yang saya pon agak stress (menunggu), adalah, market takmo turun2, malah naik pulak....kenaikan ini saya rasa sementara disbbkan TAHUN BARU punya penangan...tapi tak lama lagi CHinese New Year Rally (CNY Rally) pulak...so market akan mungkin akan naik lagi....pastu bulan February, Najib pulak akan umumkan pelan Rangsangan Ekonomi ke-3 pulok...hehe....

So, adakah anda ingin menunggu market menurun? Atau grab aja counter mana yg boleh?

Berikut adalah counter yg gua duk tunggu menurun, tapi naik mendadak pulak:

MKLAND: dari 0.35 kepada 0.46
HoHup: dari 0.39 kepada 1.40
KeyAsic: dari 0.36 kepada 0.45
TM, Axiata, etc...

Ok, kalau free baca la article di bawah, hehe....

5 Reasons Why the Market Is About to Change Direction (seekingalpha.com)

Chris Vermeulen December 24, 2009 about: DIA / SPY / UUP / GLD / USO

About this author:
Chris Vermeulen's articles on Seeking Alpha

It’s been a great year as we head into the final few trading sessions.
The past several weeks the indexes have not done much of anything, which is why
we are now in cash.

I feel as though the market is about to change
direction abruptly in the coming days or weeks. I feel this way for several

NYSE, Dow Jones, S&P500 are all drifting higher into
resistance levels on the 10 day, 60 minute charts. Light volume tends to favor
higher price, hence the reason for the holiday rally.
Broad market momentum
waves are topping.
These same indexes are trading at resistance levels from
early 2008.
Money flow is indicating large institutions have been big
sellers over the past 3 weeks.
The US economy, I think, is worse than most
want to think.
So take a look at these 10 day charts which clearly show
resistance and support trend lines. Each, if broken, will lead to a sharp
decline. I used ETFs as substitutes for the indexes.

Dow Jones – DIA –
Top Chart
S&P500 - SPY– Middle Chart
NYSE – Bottom Chart

Stock Market Trend
Stocks have started to decouple for the US
dollar in recent days so I am not focusing much on what effect the dollar will
have on the above indexes.

That being said, the US dollar (UUP etf fund)
is at a pivotal point. It’s either going to bounce off the trend line support
level (blue line) and send gold back down to test the previous low, or break
down through the support trend line. A falling dollar will give gold some power
to muscle its way back up to the next short term support level.

Dollar and Gold Trends
Tuesday we said gold stocks and silver
prices would move higher. I consider gold stocks and silver my leading
indicators for the price of gold. Today (Wednesday Dec 23rd), gold stocks and
silver shot higher – out-performing gold by 7:1, which is very bullish for gold.

Crude oil had a large rally Wednesday, sending the USO oil fund surging
3.5%, confirming a bounce off our support level 2 weeks ago. It could be warming
up for another rally.

Natural gas opened lower but put in a strong
session as it trended up all day. This also looks very strong and if prices
break out and follow through next week, natural gas could be making a real rally
for once.

This is a short trading week with Thursday only a half trading
session and Friday being closed for Christmas/Holidays. We will not have any low
risk setups this week and because we are sitting in cash, let’s take this time
to enjoy our family, friends and pets.

Takkan baca aja kawan2, komen la sikit, heehee

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  1. syaffi Says:

    i hv wait for 6 month ..this moment.
    if reach 30% profit by this fab..
    i will let go all my share