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Morning Session: 9.00 am - 12.30 pm
Afternoon Session: 2.30 pm - 5.00 pm

TRANSACTION CHARGES (reference KLSE website):

1) Brokerage Rates

Brokerage is payable by both buyer and seller.

  1. Stocks, ordinary shares and preference shares.
    With effect from 1 July 2002, the brokerage payable for all trades in stocks, ordinary shares, preference shares and other securities listed and traded on the stock market of Bursa Malaysia [but excluding the instruments described in paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) below] shall be on a fully negotiated basis between its client, subject to a maximum of 0.70% of the contract value.
  2. Government bonds and Municipal Debentures
  3. Other debentures (non-convertible)
  4. Overseas options
    For all trades in these instruments [(b), (c) and (d)] regardless of contract value or nominal value, the brokerage is fully negotiable.
  5. Minimum brokerage
    With effect from 9 June 2003, the minimum brokerage rate is as follows:
Category of Trade

Minimum Brokerage Rate*

Retail trades valued above RM100,000 : 0.3% of contract value
Retail trades valued below RM100,000 : 0.6% of contract value

Online routed retail trades (via ECOS)**

Up to 30% discount of minimum rate

Same day buy and sell trades 0.15% of contract value

*Fixed brokerage
Always subjected to the fixed brokerage of RM2.00 on transaction of loan instruments and RM12.00 on any other transaction.
** Participating Organisation's Electronic Client-Ordering System approved by Bursa Malaysia.

2) Clearing Fees

  1. On-Market
    0.04% of transaction value (payable by both buyer and seller) with a maximum of RM500.00 per contract. There is no minimum fee imposed.
  2. Direct business
    0.04% of transaction value (payable by both buyer and seller) with a maximum of RM500.00 per contract and a minimum of RM10.00.
3) Stamp Duty

The stamp duty chargeable on transactions on the stock market of Bursa Malaysia is:

  1. RM1.00 for RM1000.00 or fractional part of value of securities (payable by both buyer and seller), and effective 17 March 2003, the stamp duty shall be remitted to the maximum of RM200.
  2. All instruments relating to the issue of, offer for subscription, or purchase of, or invitation to subscribe or purchase, debentures approved by the Securities Commission under Section 32 of the Securities Commission Act, 1993, and the transfer of such debentures, are exempted from stamp duty.
4) Registration Fees

RM3.00 fee is charged per share certificate which is payable to the company registrar for issuance of new certificates

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